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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Brocade Silkworm 300

Hi. I apologize but I am very new to the fiber switch equipment. My company has purchased two fiber switches and we have connected 4 c7000 HP blade chassis to two switches. I need to swap some cables between the switches. When I do this on one of the blade chassis then I can't see the fabric anymore from the embedded chassis nor can I see those enbedded switches from the external switches. I can change to a different port and when hovering over the port it has (zone conflict) in the pop-up info. We are setting up zoning and have begun the configuration but have not enabled the zone. What do I do to get the conflict resolved if I need to swap soemthing to a different port or to a different switch? Thank you for any help!!



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Re: Brocade Silkworm 300

I assume you have made basic config on Brocade 300, like Domain ID etc... ?

sound as you have on both switch Zoning conflict, can post here please a bit more info, like fabricshow, nsshow, cfgshow, switchshow output ?

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Re: Brocade Silkworm 300

HI. Yes they are set to a basic config. We are beginning to setup zoning but it is not enabled yet. Below is the basic setup. I will get you a showcfg, etc... and post it as well. I need to swap Blade ENC2 SW2 to fabric B and Blade ENC2 SW1 to Fabric A.

Fabric A

ExternalSW1 - Domain ID = 1

Blade ENC1 SW1 - Domain ID = 10

Blade ENC2 SW2 - Domain ID = 2

Fabric B

ExternalSW2 - Domain ID = 1

Blade ENC1 SW2 - Domain ID = 20

Blade ENC2 SW1 - Domain ID = 2



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Re: Brocade Silkworm 300

Here is a cfgshow from ExternalSW1

ExternalFiberSW1:admin> cfgshow
Defined configuration:
cfg:   My_Config
                Server1; Server2; Server3; Server4;
                Server5; Server6; Server7; Server8;
                Server9; ServerA; ServerB; ServerC
zone:  Server1
                Server1_HBA1; StorageA_LEFT_FP1; StorageA_RIGHT_FP1
zone:  Server2
                Server2_HBA1; StorageA_LEFT_FP1; StorageA_RIGHT_FP1
zone:  Server3
                Server3_HBA1; StorageA_LEFT_FP1; StorageA_RIGHT_FP1
zone:  Server4
                Server4_HBA1; StorageA_LEFT_FP1; StorageA_RIGHT_FP1
zone:  Server5
                Server5_HBA1; StorageA_LEFT_FP1; StorageA_RIGHT_FP1
zone:  Server6
                Server6_HBA1; StorageA_LEFT_FP1; StorageA_RIGHT_FP1
zone:  Server7
                Server7_HBA1; StorageA_LEFT_FP1; StorageA_RIGHT_FP1
zone:  Server8
                Server8_HBA1; StorageA_LEFT_FP1; StorageA_RIGHT_FP1
zone:  Server9
                Server9_HBA1; StorageA_LEFT_FP1; StorageA_RIGHT_FP1
zone:  ServerA
                ServerA_HBA1; StorageB_LEFT_FP1; StorageB_RIGHT_FP1
zone:  ServerB
                ServerB_HBA1; StorageB_LEFT_FP1; StorageB_RIGHT_FP1
zone:  ServerC
                ServerC; StorageB_LEFT_FP1; StorageB_RIGHT_FP1
alias: Server1_HBA1
alias: Server2_HBA1
alias: Server3_HBA1
alias: Server4_HBA1
alias: Server5_HBA1
alias: Server6_HBA1
alias: Server7_HBA1
alias: Server8_HBA1
alias: Server9_HBA1
alias: ServerC
alias: ServerA_HBA1
alias: ServerB_HBA1
alias: StorageA_LEFT_FP1
alias: StorageA_RIGHT_FP1
alias: StorageB_LEFT_FP1
alias: StorageB_RIGHT_FP1

Effective configuration:
no configuration in effect




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Re: Brocade Silkworm 300

You have a defined config in a fabric (at least three switches have a defined config).

Now you want to swap two switches, those switches you need to swap need their onfiguration cleared first.

If you on't it will try to merge with a config of fabric A into fabric B. I think that's where you're zoneconflict is coming from.

Easiest fix if not in production (as in no SAN storage is accessed yet).

-wire up one fabric

-clear the zoning db's on the switches in that fabric

-have the switches merge

-define and activate a zone config

If already in production

-disconnect (to be swapped) switches from the fabric

-clear their zoning db's

-hook them up to the fabric you want to

-have them merge

-job done (hopefully)

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Re: Brocade Silkworm 300

Thanks so much. Here is what I can do. There are only two servers with storage presented. I can shut them down for a few minutes and the do the swap. My only question is how to do the "-clear their zoning db's". These are the first switches like this I have had to work with and I am just not that sure how to do that. Also I assume that we are talking about blade enc2 sw1 and blade enc2 sw2 and not my external switches that need the config cleared is that correct? Thank you so much for your help.



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Re: Brocade Silkworm 300

clear in the zonedatabase >>




Be aware that running those commands, clears the zonedatabase on every switch in the fabric, show by fabricshow.

Make sure you disconnect the switch you want to swap , from the fabric.

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Re: Brocade Silkworm 300

Thank you so much! SO i need to disconnet the switch before running the cfgclear correct?

Thank you,


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Re: Brocade Silkworm 300

Yes, if you don't disconnect the switch you need to clear, you'll clear the zoning database on ALL switches connected.

If you wnat to be sure you switch has been disconnected from the other switch,you can run

-fabricshow >> there should only be one switch listed


-islshow >> no isl should be listed.

If you run an fabricshow and islshow before disconnecting the switch, you can spot the difference.

Diconnecting can be done by physically removing al ISL's or disableing E ports.

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Re: Brocade Silkworm 300

Thank you again for all your help. I appreciate it. Just so I am clear here are the steps I think I should take.

1) Disconnect the switches I need to clear from Fabric A and from Fabric B

2) Telnet into each disconnected switch

3) Issue cfgClear

4) Issue cfgSave

5) Connect switches to proper fabric



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