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Brocade Microcode Upgrade Tool

Is there a simple tool that will let you to put in your current version, the model and type for the switches, etc then it will tell you which upgrade path you should do for the upgrade?

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Re: Brocade Microcode Upgrade Tool

Upgrade path recommendations are based on several aspects, such as, environment, features/functionality needed for that environment and especially OEM approved firmware versions.  For guidance on that, your particular OEM/reseller should be consulted.  However for general guidance and Brocade recommendations for firmware to install (based on highest reliability and least amount of critical issues), you may reference the Brocade FOS Target Path doc. 

But to answer your question specifically, there is no such tool as you've described.  Feel free to raise any further questions you may have schoa. 


Mike Eversole
Brocade Community Manager

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