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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Brocade MPR 7500 FCIP GE0

I'm wanting to know  FCIP GE0 can this be setup to auto my Manager is wanting to know..

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Re: Brocade MPR 7500 FCIP GE0

--->>>....can this be setup to auto.....


can you please ask more precise ?


what you mean with "auto" ?

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Re: Brocade MPR 7500 FCIP GE0

Thank you for replying


We have 2 7500 mprs,  one at HQ and one at DR site.  we are doing data replication over FCIP we have had lots of problems trying

to get this over the network. yesterday we were using a direct fiber cable from at&t to our MPR. which worked fine.

but going to our network N7 router it failed. the HQ N7 was setup fixed at 1 gig and not auto negoitate.  the DR site was set up

at fixed as well.  we tested for serval options.  our last test was to set our network N7 at our DR site to auto negoitate.


It worked. not sure why but our Network router at HQ is set to fix. 

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