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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Brocade M6505 is on NO_Sigdet state

I cannot map server to any port in both AG mode and native mode because port status show No_SigDet.

How can I solve it. I already install server module and driver of fabric card on OS. Port of server still show status No_SigDet. It's not Online status.

Fabric OS:  v7.0.1_sh
Made on:    Thu Oct 18 19:08:39 2012
Flash:      Tue Oct 30 00:34:48 2012
BootProm:   1.0.9

M6505-B1:admin> switchshow
switchName:     M6505-B1
switchType:     130.0
switchState:    Online
switchMode:     Access Gateway Mode
switchWwn:      10:00:00:27:f8:2e:42:90
switchBeacon:   OFF
FC Router:      OFF
FC Router BB Fabric ID: 1
Address Mode:   0

Index Port Address Media Speed State     Proto
   0   0   010000   --    N16   No_Module   FC
   1   1   010100   cu    N16   No_SigDet   FC
   2   2   010200   cu    N16   No_SigDet   FC
   3   3   010300   cu    N16   No_SigDet   FC
   4   4   010400   cu    N16   No_SigDet   FC
   5   5   010500   cu    N16   No_SigDet   FC
   6   6   010600   cu    N16   No_SigDet   FC
   7   7   010700   cu    N16   No_SigDet   FC
   8   8   010800   cu    N16   No_SigDet   FC
   9   9   010900   cu    N16   No_SigDet   FC
  10  10   010a00   cu    N16   No_SigDet   FC
  11  11   010b00   cu    N16   No_SigDet   FC
  12  12   010c00   cu    N16   No_SigDet   FC
  13  13   010d00   cu    N16   No_SigDet   FC
  14  14   010e00   cu    N16   No_SigDet   FC
  15  15   010f00   cu    N16   No_SigDet   FC
  16  16   011000   cu    N16   No_SigDet   FC
  17  17   011100   id    N16   Online      FC  N-Port  10:00:00:05:33:d6:4f:51 0x010000
  18  18   011200   id    N16   No_Light    FC
  19  19   011300   id    N16   No_Light    FC
  20  20   011400   id    N16   No_Light    FC
  21  21   011500   --    N16   No_Module   FC
  22  22   011600   --    N16   No_Module   FC
  23  23   011700   --    N16   No_Module   FC


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Re: Brocade M6505 is on NO_Sigdet state

show as you use cu = Copper, SFP+ Direct Attached Cable.

I've a list here, and such cable are NOT Qualified for 65xx.

otherwise post please the exact SFP part Number -  "sfpshow" command give details about inserted SFP I'll check if is supported or no.

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Re: Brocade M6505 is on NO_Sigdet state

I note another thing, is this a Blade Switch ?

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Re: Brocade M6505 is on NO_Sigdet state

Yes. This is Blade Switch for Dell M1000e Blade Enclosure with QME2622. Is this hardware compatible problem?

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Re: Brocade M6505 is on NO_Sigdet state

---> Is this hardware compatible problem?

No. All I/O Blade have internally Copper Port, so please ignore my preview Post, I refer here to Standalone 65xx Switches.

Usually this error indicated the Port is disconnected or unplugged, or some other reason like FW compatibility problem, and much more.

Try to disable the Switch Port and then enable again.


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