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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Brocade Link UP/Down traps...


I'd like to setup a consistent monitoring based on a SNMP traps in all of "my" (customers under our support) Brocade SAN environments.

We have different topologies based on several types of switches (from 200E to DCX)...

According to my current investigation It looks like I need to use variable that could provide a message for link up/down

based on the "SlotNumber" / "PortNumber"  i.e. "Port: 1/9, Status: offline" or "Port: 9, Status: offline" if the switch doesn't have slots.

My question here is which MIB and especially trap have to be used to get similar message?

I'm a bit confused about the variables:

IfName, IfIndex, IfDescr, etc...

Any ideas/suggestions  are more than wellcome .

Best regards,

Hristo Kavlachki 

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Re: Brocade Link UP/Down traps...

Check the OID swFCPortSpecifier

If you are happy with this please mark the thread as correct.



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