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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Brocade Interopmode


I have a question on Switch interopmode .My understanding is Interopmode 0 is native brocade while interopmode 2 is mcdata fabric mode and lastly interopmode 3 is for mcdata open fabric.

Scenario 1: let us say you are introducing a B series switch into a McData M-series fabric How are the switch interopmode set. Is the MC data set at 3 and Brocade set at 2 or are both brocade and MC data set at interopmode 3?

Scenario 2: Mc data fabric is operating in interopmode 2 and needs to be introduced to a B series switch ,,   how will the interopmode be set in the B series?

Scenario 3: when it is comes to B series trunking and Mc Data open trunking mode how does interopmode work?

Appreciate your help on this subject.


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Re: Brocade Interopmode

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