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Brocade G620 switches with FOS 8.1.0a: CLI versus Web Tools Configuration?



Has anyone ever encountered the following situation:


- Two switches are configured as two redundant (and separate) fabrics. Each switch had its zoning configuration done entirely with the Command Line Interface (CLI).

- A modification of the zoning configuration on one of the fabrics was attempted with Web Tools.

- It is alleged that Web Tools detected a number of "bad" zones, removed them from the configuration, and renamed the configuration file.

- In the process of performing these configuration corrections, the changes themselves are alleged to have brought down BOTH fabrics.


I have done countless zoning configurations, entirely with the CLI, and I have not had an issue. If I happened to use an inappropriate name for a zone or an alias or a configuration, the CLI would generate an error. It would not accept the "bad" data.


The two switches, each with their own zoning configuration, are not connected. Any of the work done on first switch and fabric would have to be completed separately on the second switch and fabric.


Even if the Web Tools had some additional functionality for verifying configurations, I would expect it to PROMPT the user for permission to apply any corrections.


Any information or insight would be very much appreciated.


Thanks & Regards,



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