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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Brocade Flow Rule Violation what does it mean.

We have recently installed and configured new Brocade directory level switches.  We have SNA version 14.2 running.  Last night we recieved this message.


Can someone direct me to a location where I can find out more information regarding what this means?  What is a PID?  Thanks.


Switch Time:                      Jan 09 23:00:57

Affected Entity:                Pid 0xa9e000

Monitor:                              PID IT flow ratio (PID_IT_FLOW)

Rule Name:                        defALL_LOCAL_PIDSIT_FLOW_32

Group:                                  ALL_LOCAL_PIDS

Condition:                           ALL_LOCAL_PIDS(IT_FLOW>32)

Current Value:                  34 IT-Flow(s)

Dashboard Category:     Fabric Performance Impact

Switch Name:                    StaceyDirectorB

Switch WWN:                    10:00:c4:f5:7c:64:30:00

Switch IP:                            10.6.x.x3

Fabric Name:                     uninitialized

VFID:                                     128

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Re: Brocade Flow Rule Violation what does it mean.

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This message is a part of MAPS alerting concerning the zoned device ratio monitoring.

Number should be define as 32 in your curent MAPS rule.

PID means the Port ID: A9E000 (check with switchshow).


This only means that this device on port A9E000 is connected with 34 others devices (higher than the curent MAPS alert at 32: defALL_LOCAL_PIDSIT_FLOW_32).

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Re: Brocade Flow Rule Violation what does it mean.

Thanks for the reply I did eventually find out more information regarding this on the Brocade Site. 

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