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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Brocade Fabric Watch

Is Brocade Fabric Watch needed to Detect Bottlenecks, SNMP Alerts, or can a third party App ( Orian) detect switch issues without Fabric Watch\bottlenect detection.

I thought until you have fabric watch enabled and licenced only basic switch info can be sent via snmp ?

Do i missunderstand this ?

The goal is to get comprehensive snmp alerting to 3rd party tool.


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Re: Brocade Fabric Watch

bottleneckmon is a default command and not license is requiered.


--->>or can a third party App ( Orian)


I believe you mean Orion from SolarWind is correct ?


Orion can work with Brocade MIB an dmonitoring the Switches / Fabric





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