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Brocade Fabric Watch: Event 0, 1, 4,5,6 ??

Below is taken from Fabric Watch log extracted from a DCX supportsave with FOS v6.3.2.

This capture illustrates c3 tx discard for port 188 is programmed to post a RASlog message when

3 CRCs/sec occurs. 

At bottom of  output is Event 0, Event 1, Event 4, Event 5, Event 6. 

Does anyone know what these "Event" entries are?   What is occurring at Event 0? Event 1?  Event 4, 5, 6 ?

I am looking to specific know what state change occurs to record each event number.

No mention of this output in the Brocade Fabric Watch documentation for v6.3 or v6.4.

============================== fopportc3DiscardTo188 ===============================

FOP Port#4/28,c3DiscardTo:

   Monitored for:    1000169 (11 days, 13:49)
    Last checked:   10:27:50 on 07/17/2012

     Lower bound:          0 Error(s)/sec
     Upper bound:          3 Error(s)/sec
     Buffer Size:          0

   Value history:           0 Error(s)/sec

     Raw history:       17879 Error(s)/sec

                              17879 Error(s)/sec


                              17879 Error(s)/sec
.           Flags: 0x      40           Flags: 0x      40 TRIGGERED

      Access via: Function call
         Address: 0x10048f58
        Argument: 0x000000bc

        Previous: 0x000045d7 (17879)
         Current: 0x000045d7 (17879)

           Style: Triggered
             Event 0 occurred 1 time, last at 20:38:25 on 07/05/2012
             Event 1 occurred 1735 times, last at 18:18:54 on 07/16/2012
             Event 4 occurred 182 times, last at 17:43:37 on 07/16/2012
           * Event 5 occurred 183 times, last at 17:43:43 on 07/16/2012
             Event 6 occurred 1 time, last at 20:38:48 on 07/05/2012

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