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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Brocade Encryption Switch

Hi Techies,


Recently we got two new Brocade Encryption Switches for our environment. Please help me on the following doubts:


- Can we use the Brocade Encryption Switches for both Encrypted and Non-encrypted SAN Traffic? If "yes" how to configure?

- If we can not megre both Encrypted and Non-Encrypted SAN traffic on single switch, then which would be the best practice"

           ~ Create a isolate zone for Encrypted SAN traffic like use separate Storage Array + Encryption Switch + Hosts

           ~ Use the Encryption Switch as a edge switch to the existing SAN and connect the Encryption Manager Application Host and      the other Hosts which will use the Encryption LUNs to the Encryption Switch or what would be the suggested one.


Thanks and regards,


Suneet K Meher


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