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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Brocade Director 48000 - FOS: 6.4.3

Hi There,
I got 2 fabrics of type 42.2 in my environment, Each Fabric has 5 switches.
from past 1 month, It observed that the all the switches are throwign the error messages as below;
1:-      2013/07/17-21:06:57, , 4779, SLOT 5 | FID 128, WARNING, LHRFCSW35D, Switch status change contributing factor Marginal ports: 1 marginal ports. (Port(s) 165(0xa5))
2:-   2013/07/04-21:17:57, , 4610, SLOT 5 | FID 128, INFO, LHRFCSW35D, port 39 (0x27) enforcement changed to Session Based HARD Zoning.
most of the ports are going into marginal for less than a minute and then turning into Healthy. Found nothing wrong with SFP's and cables.
since there are no such activities performed on the switches, why the enforced changes on HARD zoning is appeared?
Environment has all "HARD ZONING" Implementation.
FOS : 6.4.3
Not able to trace what is the issue , why these alerts are generating?
Can any one "BROCADE-DOCTORS" help/assist me to trace and fix the issue?
Yours sincerely,
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Re: Brocade Director 48000 - FOS: 6.4.3


did you consult the FOS Message Reference Guide?



Kind Regards
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Re: Brocade Director 48000 - FOS: 6.4.3


Do you see this behavior in the same port in all the switchs? Have to tried to move the device connected to that port to a different port to see if the events persist? What's connected at the other end of the link to that port?

I found DEFECT000281102 that reports the behavior you've described but as per the defect notes, it was detected in FOS 6.4.0 and a fix was applied in 6.3.2a, but did not find anything related to a fix for 6.4 code family.



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Re: Brocade Director 48000 - FOS: 6.4.3

as mentioned by ralf, i would work first with Message Reference Guide in order to identified the issue.

check first at all with command "switchstatuspolicyshow" if some components Marginal or Down are in range.


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