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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Brocade B300 FIber OM2

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I have 2 Brocade B300 connected with optical Fiber OM2 50/125 LC/LC ( so the port is an E_port).

I try to change this fiber because it's too short.


I have try one OM3 fiber, result :  no connection

I have try an other OM2  fiber longer : no connection 


But if i reuse the old fiber : it s ok ! 


I don't understand why ....


Do you have an idea ? 


Best regards 

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Re: Brocade B300 FIber OM2

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The Community platform is migrating as well as BSN support tools   The support board will be back up and running on Monday, January 14.

Thank you for your patience.

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Re: Brocade B300 FIber OM2

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That is a strange problem. On the surface it would seem the new cables are faulty.    As a test, I would try the OM3 cable again

and check the physical layer and port log:


a) disable the ISL ports at each end

b) insert the OM3 cable

c) clear the fc and asic counters:    statsclear;slotstatsclear

d) enable the ISL ports

e) check the port error counters:  porterrshow, portstatsshow

f) check the portlog file:   portlogdump -i <portnumber>



Also check the cable sheathing info to confirm the fc cable is what you believe it is.


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Re: Brocade B300 FIber OM2



Thanks i try this and i retrun the result 


best regards 

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