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Brocade 825 in Solaris 10 connect to Cisco MDS?

Hi All,


I have a problem, we are using HBA brocade 825 running under solaris sparc m4000 (solaris 10)..I already install brocade driver in solaris but when I connect to MDS, the port state in MDS stuck in initialize status..I already change port type to F port, FL or Fx but still status in init... I query using bcu port --query 1/0 the output like this,


:~ # bcu port --query 1/0
function id:                1/0/0
port type:                  8G FC
port mode:                  FC
port instance:              0
port name:
Media:                      sw
Beacon status:              Off
PWWN:                       10:00:8c:7c:ff:65:25:42
NWWN:                       20:00:8c:7c:ff:65:25:42
state:                      Linkup
        current:            4G
        configured:         Auto
        current:            Loop
        configured:         P2P
SNIA port type:             N
supported classes:          Class-3
symbolic name:              Brocade-825 | v3-2-3-0 | oradb01-DRC | SunOS 5.10 Generic_144488-06 sparc
maximum frame size:         2112
receive bb credits:         48
transmit bb credits:        1
BB CreditRecovery:          Disabled
QOS:                        Disabled
TRL:                        Disabled
TRL default speed:          1G


I already set topology to P2P but I dont know why the port still in loop mode..Any ideas?, thanks

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Re: Brocade 825 in Solaris 10 connect to Cisco MDS?



Please post, the output of MDS "show interface" where the HBA is connected to. 


Post as well the current port config in runnign config.


Do you have Trunking flag enabled or disabled? If enabled try to disable it and reset the port. And viceversa in the opposite case.



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