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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Brocade 7800 - Ge0 port issue

Hi all

We have procured a new IBM SAN06B-R - 2498-R06. This is a Brocade 7800 model.

I am facing issue with connecting the Ge0 port of 7800 with my network switch. The link at Ge0 does not come up and FOS reports it as no_sync and sometimes offline.

The Ge0 port has been set in copper mode using portcfggemediatype ie we are using the base Ge0 with RJ45 connector and not the SFP one.

Moreover, i have performed some troubleshooting steps as follows :

1) Connected my laptop directly to Ge0 port and the port immediately comes up to online state.

2) I have another newly procured 7800 router. Connected the Ge0 ports of both the routers with each other. I am able to ping the IP interfaces of both routers from one another using portcmd --ping command.

Above observations are applicable for Ge1 port as well.

So, is there any special setting that needs to be done for connecting Ge0/Ge1 port with network devices ?

Any setting that needs to be done on the other end ie network switch end ?

Please help


Sriram Iyer

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Re: Brocade 7800 - Ge0 port issue

Are you using ge1 as well or just ge0?

Try disabling ge1 and just use ge0 and see if that fixes your error.  Had the same problem with 7800s on our side and only worked when disabling port 1.

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Re: Brocade 7800 - Ge0 port issue

Hi Sriram,

do you use the correct cable?

Iif you are connecting the B7800 to a Layer2 Device (Switch) you have to use a straight-through cable.

If you are using a Layer3 Device (Router) you have to use a crossover-cable.

Then check the settings on the LAN site like autoneg, speed etc.

Regards Ralf

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Re: Brocade 7800 - Ge0 port issue

Hi all

Finally the issue has been resolved.

We decided to go with fiber cable after setting the ge0 port in optical mode.

Immediately the port came online but even then the local gateway would not ping.

After much brainstorming, we compared the FOS version in 1 of our brocade 7500 which is connected to the same cisco router as this brocade 7800.

There the FOS version was v6.4.2a and 7500 was working fine in production.

So we upgraded the FOS of this 7800 to v6.4.2a and immediately we could ping the local as well as remote DR gateway

Never thought FOS version could play such a role

Thanks for suggestion everyone

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