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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Brocade 7500 FCIP DC-DR path creation : VE port not coming up

Hi All,


I was trying to configure FCIP tunnel with Brocade 7500 routers located at DC and DR sites. The tunnel is created and the ge0 ports are able to communicate with each other. The tunnel is in active status.


Now, I want to merge the routers as I am planning to have a replication path between DC and DR. But after enabling the 16th port at both the routers, I can see the ports are not acting as VE type. Still it is showing as G-port and the routers are not getting merged.


The switch domain Id's are 10 and 11 for DC and DR respectively. All the configshow | grep ops parameters are having similar values. 


I have gone through the licenseshow output of both the routers. I am giving it below:


/fabos/cliexec/licenseshow :
Unknown1 license
Unknown2 license
Fabric license
Extended Fabric license
High-Performance Extension over FCIP/FC license



I cant fugure out where I am going wrong. 


What would be the reason?  Any help would be appreciated.



Thanks in advance.



Akhil Stanly



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Re: Brocade 7500 FCIP DC-DR path creation : VE port not coming up


Hi All,


Please help in this.



Best Regards,

Akhil Stanly


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