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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Brocade 6520

The Brocade switch 6520 has 3 fans, and what is its redundancy  policy? 2+1 or 1+2?

and the same questions for DCX 8510-8 fan and PS

thanks :catembarrassed:

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Re: Brocade 6520

Good question... I just completed an update to a web-based course with the 6520 in it. I know for power supplies that have integrated fans, it's N+1, however with three fans I couldn't find anything in the documentation. I would say to err on the safe side and ensure at least two are running. I know when you pull one out, the others default to high speed to compensate for the heat. I'm guessing one fan wouldn't push enough air to compensate for the other two being down
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