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Brocade 5300 rebooting

hi guys

I got a Brocade 5300 that is rebooting over and over.

The switch shows this before rebooting

unknown(0):admin> 1999/12/31-18:38:45, , 9, FFDC | CHASSIS, CRITICAL, IBM_2498_B80, Need to reboot the system for recovery, reason: System bring up timed out

1999/12/31-18:38:45, , 10, CHASSIS, INFO, IBM_2498_B80, First failure data capture (FFDC) event occurred.

unknown(0):admin> 1999/12/31-18:39:15, , 11, FFDC | CHASSIS, CRITICAL, IBM_2498_B80, Rebooting the system for recovery - auto-reboot is enabled

1999/12/31-18:39:15, , 12, CHASSIS, INFO, IBM_2498_B80, First failure data capture (FFDC) event occurred.

Restarting system.

attached is the whole boot process Brocade-Logs_FINAL.TXT

any idea how to fix that? is the OS damage? is there a way to reinstall it? or we need to buy a new Switch?

thanks a lot

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Re: Brocade 5300 rebooting


I've recovered several switches, and the error show as stay indicated any DUMP File is present.

First, is the switch outside warranty ? If yes procede as follow without any warranty, otherwise ignore my post!

try follow:

established a connection trough the serial Port, and Power-On the switch.

during start-up you should get any message similarly below, press ESC and stop the boot procedure.

select Option 3, verify with command "printenv" to see the boot Partition.

boot the switch manually from primary partition e.g. boot MEM()adress -s - where adresse is the MEM() adress from you switch.

Now the switch should boot now in Root.

let the switch Power-On, and let me know, I'll give you some other instructions.

Checking system RAM - press any key to stop test                               


Checking memory address: 00100000                                              


System RAM test using Default POST RAM Test succeeded.                         


Press escape within 4 seconds to enter boot interface.                         


1) Start system.                                                               

2) Recover password.                                                           

3) Enter command shell.                                                        


Option? 3                                                                      


Boot PROM password has not been set.                                           

> printenv                                                                     




LoadIdentifiers=Fabric Operating System;Fabric Operating System                






> boot MEM()0xF0000000 -s                                                    

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Registered: ‎02-16-2012

Re: Brocade 5300 rebooting

thanks  a lot Antonio, yes it out of warranty I will proceed and let you know

Antonio I will be executing this commands on Monday I will let you know thanks

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Re: Brocade 5300 rebooting

do you have any IM APPS like GoogleTalk or Skype, and install remote support tools like TeamViewer ?

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Re: Brocade 5300 rebooting

yes and yeah I have Teamviewer too I wanted to send you a private message but there is no something like this here

thanks  a lot this remains me when I worked for HP and I liked to help people that posted their issues at HP forum

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