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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Brocade 5300 & ZTE with FC-SONET/SDH


          I implemented two Brocade 5300 to connect ZTE DWDM. The ZTE DWDM can configure Generic Framing Procedure (GFP). So,I think support the FC-SONET/SDH.   The distance between site is 420 Km.  So, I got the Brocade Solution guide line ( SAN distance Extension Reference ).  this document describe below :


Synchronous Optical Network (SONET) and Synchronous Digital Hierarchy (SDH) are standards for transmission of digital information over optical networks and are often the underlying transport protocols that carry enterprise voice, video, data and storage traffic across metropolitan and area networks. SONET/SDH is particularly well suited to carry enterprise mission-critical storage traffic because it is connection-oriented, and latency is deterministic and consistent. FC-SONET/SDH is the protocol that provides the means for transporting FC frames over SONET/SDH networks. FC frames are commonly mapped onto a SONET or SDH payload using an International Telecommunications Union (ITU) standard called Generic Framing Procedure (GFP).

Like TDM, FC-SONET devices typically require enabling R_RDY flow control on FOS based switches.


TDM and FC-SONET Devices

TDM and FC-SONET/SDH devices that do not actively participate in buffer credit management also require Brocade Extended Fabrics for optimal configuration. In addition, it is usually required that you configure the E_Port to operate with R_RDY flow control to maintain synchronization. Some devices may also require ports to be configured to G_Port mode so that loop initialization is not attempted.

1. Configure Brocade Extended Fabrics for the appropriate distance.

2. Set FC port speed on long-distance E_Ports.

3. Configure E_Ports to use R_RDY flow control.

4. Configure E_Ports to G_Port mode.


      Then I enable Extended Fabric license already and use R_RDY flow control.  For Buffer credit on Both brocade switch, I set LD mode.  Brocade can connect together at 420 km.


       I still confuse about Brocade Remote switch feature. The old document have to set Fabric parameter too.  Then I would like to know about the Fabric parameter on Brocade switch as below:

     - R_A_TOV   ( default 10000 )

     - E_D_TOV   ( default 2000 )

     - Data Field Size  ( default 2112 )

My question: 

       1. Have to change above parameter or not..

       2. SONET / SDH / ATM  is the same or not..

Pls help suggest to me, Thank you so much

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Re: Brocade 5300 & ZTE with FC-SONET/SDH

Forget about Remote Switch it's an old feature that long since is superceded by Extended Fabrics.

It's not necessary to adjust fabric timers except for some rare cases.

SONET/SDH are virtually identical technologies. ATM is mapped on top of them.

FC can be encapsulated directly into SONET/SDH with GFP-* variants. This avoids processing complexity and overhead of ATM.

FC can also be encapsulated into ATM through AAL (ATM Adaptation Layer) which in turn is mapped to SONET/SDH.

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Re: Brocade 5300 & ZTE with FC-SONET/SDH

Dear  Linar

    Thank you so much.

Sombut J.

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Re: Brocade 5300 & ZTE with FC-SONET/SDH

No problem Sombut,

please let me know if your solution works and what settings did you use. This is for my own reference as I never worked with ZTE hardware and I'm collecting xWDM implementation details for my "cookbook".

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