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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Brocade 5300 Ports

Good Morning

I would like to hear any comments from the community relating to the specific assignment of ports on a 5300.

I read from the data sheet the fabric latency for locally switched ports is 700ns (which i assume means ports on the same asic) and the latency between port groups less than three times this with no contention.

Is planning specific port assignment based on asics something to consider, or are the benefits so small its not worth the planning effort.

Thank you


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Re: Brocade 5300 Ports

Hi Martin,

This is my opinion. For the 5300 from the data sheet

Delivers full 8 Gbps 1:1 performance for up to 80 ports in a single-domain, optimized 2U form-factor

So don't put effort into planning for port allocation on the switch. Trunk groups are 0-7, 8-15 and so on.

If you are paranoid about locality then use 16 port groups 0-15 etc. for placement of source and target, however this will not offer any major performance enhancements.


Biju Krishnan




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