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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Brocade 5100 8/40 fabric merge

I have to merge two fabrics together, and wondered if anyone had any useful tips to help with this.

Two datacenters.

datacenter 1 has 2 x 4100s FOS 6.4.1b and a 5000 v6.41b per fabric.

Datacenter 2 has 1 x 5100 (FW version unknown, awaiting power)..

All I know is that the 5100s have a higher level of firmware than the switches in datacenter 1.

I have trunking licenses and 2 ISLs to connect per fabric.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated

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Re: Brocade 5100 8/40 fabric merge

The 5100 probably has FOS7 loaded.

If you wish you should be able to downgrade to 6.4.1b, but leaving it as should be OK.

From the looks of it the 5100 is a new unit and therefor has no zoningdatabase which might conflict.

Just make sure your fabric.ops on the new switch match with the old switches and has a different Domain ID.

On thing to consider and check is the usage of Virtual Fabrics.

By default units ship with this feature enabled, but probably you don't have it enabled on your current boxes.

Have look at what VF could do for you and design/config the appropiate solution.

Other thing to keep in mind is distance. Without the extended fabric license a port can span a distance of 10K (with LW lasers).

SW lasers can span 380 meters or so depending on speed and cabling.

Since you have a Trunking license (I assume you mean for every switch taking part in the ISL between DC1 and DC2) make sure you ISL's are on the same portgroup have the same setting (speed etcetc), keep the length difference of ISL's in a trunk as small as possible (max 30 meters suggested without having to worry about a possible performance impact, max supported difference 300 meters.

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Re: Brocade 5100 8/40 fabric merge

to add to above message, from the naming it looks like you bought those from HP.

Hp as an SAN design guide available, which can help you with some off steps to take or keep an eye on.

Link to the site

Link to the actual doc

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Re: Brocade 5100 8/40 fabric merge


Thanks very much for your response.

Great advice.


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