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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Brocade 5100 4 GB sfp


We have 2 brocade 5100 with 40 ports licensed for 8GB FC, We need to use this 2 switchs for a DR solution, the problem is that the link we will use to interconnect the switchs is 1Gb,

I already verify that 8gb sfp do not support 1 gb link, and I already try to put 4gb sfp on the switchs but get error on port and no light.

Do I need some kind of license to use 4 Gb sfp ports? Or is the sfp that is not supported?


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Re: Brocade 5100 4 GB sfp

As you already figured out an 4Gb FFP is capable of running at 1Gb.

As Brocade introduced the 8Gb platform they only support Brocade branded SFP's.

Your 5100 is considerd a 8Gb platform switch although the SFP might be an 4Gb one.

If your 4Gb SFP is Brocade branded (whether by OEM or Brocade themselves) your SFP is probably faulty otherwise its most probably an non-Brocade branded SFP

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