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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Brocade 4Gb 20 port Webapp issues!

Hi All, new to all thats brocade. After receiving our first borcade4Gb 20 blade module we resently had to send it back as it was only licensed for 10 ports (we should have got the full 20 port), It worked fine and we managed to get our SAN working just fine.

Today I received the replacement, Installed into our bladecenter (IBM E-series) - configured its managment interface through the blade management module and can now telnet to it with ease. The problem being that we cannot connect to it via a web/java session. I need to be able to mange it from fabricmanager but even in fabricmanager i get an error. I have checked Java version to make sure its not that (which it isnt) and am now hopelessly lost.

The errors i get from the browser are " LoginApplet noinited" " Loading Java Applet Failed" - Odd that i could use the web console before but not now.

Thanks for listening


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