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Brocade 48000 CP0 will not sync after reboot for unknown reason

I have 2 48000 switches that are reporting CP0 is not insync after rebooting for an unknown reason.

Both switches are running V6.2.0E software

Both switches show CP0 as Standy, healthy, heartbeat up, not in sync.

One switch report cold start and 1 reports warm recovery

I can see in the errdump that CP0 reboots for unknown reason during initialization but then it comes up.

I also see eth1 go up and down a few time and CP1 is reporting data unavailable, actually there

is a whole line of data unavailable in the errdump.

Both CPs have been replaced an 1 cp has been replaced 3 times and the state is always the same.

We took a CP out of a running switch were had tested the hafailover successfully and it failed too.

One strange thing is once we put this CP back into our switch it failed and the active CP had to be rebooted

to getthe switch insync

Has anynone seen anything like this?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Thank You

Dave C.

Do you have an explanation for what the command will do and why you think it will work?

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Re: Brocade 48000 CP0 will not sync after reboot for unknown reason

remove all Dump with "supportftp -R" command, and try  "haenable"

if the error persist, post "errorshow" output here.


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