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Brocade 4100b upgrade path

I have a Brocade 4100B that is running version 5.2.1a.  I am looking forward to upgrade to 6.4.3c.

I aware that 4100B has HCL feature that suppose to be non-disruptive upgrade.

What should be the upgrade path from 5.2.1a to 6.4.3c in a non-disruptive way?

Is ISL between 6.3.1a and 6.4.3c are supported?

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Re: Brocade 4100b upgrade path

You may follow the firmware upgrade/downgrade considerations listed here on Brocade Communities.

From release notes and the material provided above, it looks like the upgrade path should be 5.2.x-> 5.3-> 6.0.0x->6.1.x-> 6.2.x->6.3x-> 6.4.3c

'x'  value being the highest in that release family, that way just in case if you get stuck during the upgrade process, you could atleast make sure you have the latest level in that release family.

You may also use the FOS target path doc for reference.

ISL connection between 6.3.1a and 6.4.3c shouldnt be a problem..

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