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Brocade 4100 Firmware download link


I am trying to find a link where I can download firmware v6.1.0c for a Brocade 4100 switch, model SLKWRM0000410?

I have tried in vain to get it through Level 1 Brocade Technical Support who bounced me to Oracle who bounced me back to Brocade.

Im not a partner just a user.

Thanks in advance

PS. I have been to the My Downloads section and done a search using '4100'. I get only pdf documents and no software (Im lead to believe it is a tar ball ~100MB)

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Re: Brocade 4100 Firmware download link

v6.1.x FOS Package is around 470MB

Try to find it by HP or IBM

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Re: Brocade 4100 Firmware download link


Try the following IBM link;

In it select Release 6 Firmware. You'll be redirected to the FOS releases location.


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