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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Brocade 200E - Cisco Nexus 5k interconnection


I want to connect both switches (native FC interface on N5k), but I'm confused with vendor's configuration guides. Brocade 200E will work as a access layer switch for SAN and I want to treat N5k as a distribution switch for LAN/SAN.

Cisco in it's "DC interoperability matrix" says, that N5k should be configured in NPV mode (, with brocade acting as an gateway. I'm wondering, is it possible to configure FC ports in E type mode and create an Inter-Switch Link (ISL) between those two switches, because I want N5k to be responsible for switching capabilities?



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Re: Brocade 200E - Cisco Nexus 5k interconnection

--->>>I want to connect both switches (native FC interface on N5k), ....

AFAIK, you must set the Brocade in AG Mode = Access gateway, and configred NPV in the Nexus.

But i believe you can ISL's both when the NPIV Mode is correct configured in Brocade 200 and NPV.

Note, some 200E ( Value Line ) don't support specific Port Type.

Is the switch full License ? Full Fabric ?

try "licenseshow"

and make sure you have compatible FOS to Cisco OS

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Re: Brocade 200E - Cisco Nexus 5k interconnection

Thanks for Your reply. We've got "full fabric" license, so there is no problem with configuring 200E's port as N_type and N5k in NPV mode. But I would prefer to connect them with E_type interfaces (native mode), so Nexus, as a "stronger" switch, could provide standard Fibre Channel switching  capability and features. Unfortunately, I don't have opportunity to test it in the lab.

Does anyone configured those switches with ISL links, or the NPV mode is the only way to do it?

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