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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Brocade 20-port 8Gb SAN [: =: unary operator expected

hi guys


I needed to delete and reset all configuration for a pair of IO SAN Switch -- Brocade 20-port 8Gb SAN Switch Module for IBM BladeCenter (44X1926 FRU) -- the thing is I reset the module to default settings as I done it in the past with multiple switch.... it boots OK well or at least looks like


but when loging with admin - user - root  - factory user I get message " [: =: unary operator expected "

something interesting is I see in the login "Switch_Name:AD:>" instead of user name it says AD normally it should be "Switch_Name:UserName:>"  for example   "Switch_Name:admin:>" also when executing help command I get this, not matter which user I use to to run help command 


Error in rbac help. rc = -7
No commands are available to this user.


and last when I run a normal command line switchshow or others I get this

"RBAC permission denied"


GUI won't load it shows this

Cannot load RBACMatrix from switch: Cannot get RBAC Matrix from DAO


no idea whats going on here

any idea guys?



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Re: Brocade 20-port 8Gb SAN [: =: unary operator expected

It looks like the config contains some Admin Domains (AD) definitions. I didn't have many experience with this so I can't tell you exactly what to do, but I just hope you also have root user access to the switch, and this will help you to clean the AD stuff from the config.
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Re: Brocade 20-port 8Gb SAN [: =: unary operator expected

thanks a lot


well there was telnet connectivity so looks like the issue was GUI and ssh... I was in a let's say no privileged shs mode on the other hand telnet was working OK


took me some time to know telnet worked as well for this switch :womanlol:

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