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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Bladecenter Switch on Access Gateway

Hello everyone, 

I got an issue on some bladecenters that a customer require to be connected a two different fabrics (production  and backup), by the fisical limitations on this chassis(only two SAN switch) I'm thinking in possible solutions.

If the switch is set to access gateway it will be connnected to two differents virtual fabrics? and if it is possible, is it supported??


Thanks for the help and any idea is welcome



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Re: Bladecenter Switch on Access Gateway

such a config is unknown to me and not supported.


you can try to isolated and map a F_Port to N_Port and connect to different Edge Switches - such a config is supported - but I don't think you can connect the N mapped Port to different Fabric.

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Re: Bladecenter Switch on Access Gateway

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I think you need make you configuration based on pg policy and it's fully supported configuration.



You must disable device load balancing policy and auto map balance.

Make port groups manually!

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Re: Bladecenter Switch on Access Gateway

One of my customers has quite a number of blade chassis where each of two installed switches is connected to two different fabrics, so the whole chassis is connected to four fabrics. No issues at all. Of course you need to carefully think about the internal port mapping so that blades would not jump between the fabrics in case of link failures.

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