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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Best way to save all wwn/port info from 48k

Hello. I am looking to generate simple report of just the wwn's attached to what ports on my 48ks.

Is "switchshow" the easiest way to do this? It seems to have a lot of extra info I am not looking for.

Also would I be able to pipe the command to a file and scp it down later?

Would the free sanhealth do this better for me?


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Re: Best way to save all wwn/port info from 48k

switchShow is good but it won't give you details for NPIV or FC-AL devices as there is normally more than one WWN behind a physical port. nsShow would fill that gap.

Add some perl scripting to taste.

Alternatively, SAN Health is your best friend. And it's free.


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