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Best method to replace Brocade 5100 switch with a Brocade 6510 Switch

Hi All,


I am looking for the best method to replace a Brocade 5100 with a newer Brocade 6510 switch.


Will be basically disconnecting the fibre cables from the old 5100 model and reconnecting them to the new Brocade 6510 switch.  Was thinking that if I use the same ports to reconnect the cables on the new switch then I can use the existing config???  I want to minimise downtime as much as possible and therefore want to try to configure the new brocade ready, so that the only downtime is a few seconds while I swap the cable from the old switch to the new.  Is this possible?

Am I able to backup the config of the Brocade 5100 and simply restore it onto the Broace 6510 switch or will I have to manually re-configure the new switch after the fiber connections have been plugged in?


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Re: Best method to replace Brocade 5100 switch with a Brocade 6510 Switch



best approach will be to cable 6510 toghether with 5100.

So you will have fabric consist of two switches which will share same config.

After that if you have proper multipathing in place, you may migrate connections without any downtime. Only loos of redundancy will occure.


After recabling you may simple disconnect 5100.

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Marian Bezeg

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