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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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BNA12.3.3 Virtual Fabric Discovery issues possibly related to Virtual Fabric

I am using BNA12.3.3. I have two 8610s which have been discovered but I only have visibilty through BNA to the 8610. The 6500s all show additional information about hosts and storage displayed as groups and in the topology map. I suspect it has to do with Virtual Fabric which is enabled on the 8610s, but not on the others.I would like to be able to see the Host Groups and Storage Groups in the DCX environment as well.


I have reviewed the section in the BNA User Manual for Troubleshooting VF discovery. The discovery is currently using the "admin" account and SNMPv3 appears to be enable (the BNA server is Entry 6 in the SNMPv3 Trap Configuration part of the "snmpconfig --show snmpv3". The SNMPv3 USM configuration section shows:


User 6 (ro): admin
        Auth Protocol: noAuth
        Priv Protocol: noPriv


Any thoughts?


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