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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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B300 switch redundancy !!

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Hi All,


I currently have a very basic fibre infrastructure consisting of:

  • 2 B300 switches (SW1, SW2)
  • 1 SAN, dual controller, giving total 4 ports
  • 4 Servers, each with dual FC cards
  • Each server and SAN will be connected through SAN switches.

Please let me know what are the ways/settings to create redundancy between 2 of my B300 switches !! or any document available for this activity !!

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Re: B300 switch redundancy !!

the best practice is as Dual Fabric, and since you have only TWO FC Switches, I would suggest to leave each Switch as Standalone, and distribute the Server HBA and Storage to both Switches.

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Re: B300 switch redundancy !!

Thanks for the reply TechHelp24, So I dont need to go for zoning in single switch !!! & can I have any connectivity guide for making server storage connections through B300 switch !!!  

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Re: B300 switch redundancy !!

You should still use zoning. Best practice would be a single initiator zoning. Depending on what you want to connect, additional rules might apply.

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