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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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B300 8Gb spinfab 35km ISL with Huawei DWDM equipment


two B300 running 7.0.2a. Installed a 35km longdistance connection with Huawei DWDM Optix 6100

To test ISL before production, i ran  spinfab  test, but this test only comes back with 3MByte/s  where it is a 4Gbit ISL

I set longdistance mode LS to 80km,  tried with ISL_R_Rdy mode (IDLE) and ARB frames (vc_init=1) and took care of correct fillword setting

but still only 3MByte/s if i run spinfab

No error counters increase

Question: Is spinfab a valid test for longdistance connction and 3rd party DWDM equipment inbetween ?

Is spinfab able to fill up such a long ISL and telling me maximum throughput ?

FOS Admin guide says: spinfab supported with longdistance connections



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Re: B300 8Gb spinfab 35km ISL with Huawei DWDM equipment


spinfab it is a valid method to test communication and connectivity but I wouldn't use it obtain max throughput figures.

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Re: B300 8Gb spinfab 35km ISL with Huawei DWDM equipment


finally, we used a vmware server at remote end, running some copy jobs across ISL-DWDM line and with these test we could fill up the pipe.

My assumption:  on longdistance links (maybe because DWDM equipment inbetween)  spinfab command tests ISL on physical layer  but can not be used to test performance across longdistance link

Parameters we configured:

fix speed on switchport, here 4Gbit
fillword =0 
vc_init = 0  for idle frames 
LS around 100km 
QoS and Credit Recovery parameter disabled

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