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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Automating tasks / custom GUI

Good afternoon everyone,


I was wondering if anyone has devised a system to configure edge switches with a script or type of GUI , instead of manually going through the process ( Example: change default password , fabricprincipl 0, offline all ports, set UID, clear and save config, create a user. implement snmp setting, time settings etc..


I guess I am looking for two different methods to implement this


1. what type of programming language could i use to create a customim GUI to interact with CLI 

2. examples of scripts to configure switches initially 


any help will be much appreciated, thanks a lot.



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Re: Automating tasks / custom GUI

GUI or CLI ?


I don't think you can create a script to set all this steps via GUI.


trough the CLI, if you have programmer knowledge , can try to do with Pearl.


can I ask why they want to make this so complicated ? and how many switches they have ?







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Re: Automating tasks / custom GUI

I only use that for blade enclosure switches in Access Gateway mode. Python and pexpect works well and you could probably put a GUI on top of that. 

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Re: Automating tasks / custom GUI

Hey Antonio,


Thanks for the reply. So just to give you a background , yes I have programming skills in multple languages and I have a been a SAN admin for about 5 years. I noticed that there could be a way faster to deploy clients on our SAN clients.


1. I wanted to create to a one page GUI form that you fill in the hostnames, WWN and this would autmatically create the zone config on both paths (IE alias, zoneconfig, and activate zones , for both paths) . I am sure there is a way to do this, just curiouis on where to start. programming language + pearl scripts --> switch CLI 


2. configuring a new switch ( edge switch) --> was something similar. I wanted to have a form to put in the IP MGT switch , the hostname and also its UID. it would then configure the switch with a standard format we use, instead of having to use the GUI and CLI to manually configure it. 



hopefully this is more clear what i want to do . 




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