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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Async and Sync traffic on the same ISL

Hi all,

Currently I am building a config based on 2x Brocade 5300 switches.

I need the most easiest solution to make sure sync traffic across the ISL's gets priority above async traffic.


- WWN based zoning, no port based zoning

- Easy management (prefer only a one time setup task for the prioritizing, and no additional work when adding servers etc)

Assumptions for this case:

- licenses for adaptive networking, extended fabric, fabric watch, trunking and apm are available

- async traffic that needs lower priority consists of 2 storagedevices connected at 8Gbit on each switch (total of 4), and need to interoperate with eachother. This storagedevices are only used by the async traffic.

- All other ports and traffic, both from hosts and storagedevices are considered as sync ports with sync traffic

- There are 2 ISL's available each running at 1Gbit

- Optical distance for ISL's is 90km (56 miles)

Any help, tips, whitepapers etc that would help me to choose the best and most easy setup in this case?

Thanks in advance!


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Re: Async and Sync traffic on the same ISL

Hello, Jan-Pieter,

I think that using QoS zones will answer your request.

Just define Low priority zones (QOSL_zones), for theses storages pairs (async replication ?)

This QoS zoning requires availability of Adaptive Networking, but no problem, you got this optional license.

Storage must be connected to 8Gb switches (the 5300 you told about). Not to older switches (4Gb and lower)

I presume that current zoning is done without any 'QOS' prefix, therefore these existing zones are considered with medium priority.

After that, new servers will be added with new zones, but still without specifying QOSzones, They will be also considered then with medium priority (by default). No need to redefine existing QOSL storage zones.

More infos in FOS admin guide: "Optimizing fabric behavior / QoS zones / Setting traffic prioritization"

Beste groeten,


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