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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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All switches Have Blank Config

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I hope someone can help shed some light on this  one.


Is there a limit to the number of switches that can be in a Fabric ?


I had 6 switches to connected together 1234 could all see each other 5 was segmented and 6 could see nothing.

they all had their domain ID's set prior to being connected so switch 1 had domain ID 1 ( principle Switch ) and then the others were sorbordinates, But switch five was showing as being the principle switch even though it had domain ID 5 & was segmented,

Is my understanding correct that the lower the Domain ID the higher priority ? or is it done on WWN number ?

I'm just trying to understand the process that the switch goes through in deciding which switch is the principle.


I disabled switch 5 cleared the config and loaded the default config then saved it, which I have done before, the restarted the switch, thats when it all went wrong, and all 5 switches now had no config. and the network was down,


Anyway as a result the brocade switches have been split into  2 fabrics with 3 switches in each connected via the ISL.


so FAB A has 3 switches with domain ID's 1/2/5 and switch 1 with domain ID 1 is the principle switch.

FAB B also has 3 switches with Domain ID's 3/4/6 and switch 4 domain ID 4 is the principle switch


I want to to change the domain id's in each fabric to 1/2/3 with domain ID 1 in each fabric being the principle switch without loosing my configs again, I have the bonus this time of have daved the configs for each switch.


I did a supportsave to get all the logs after the outage and now want to try and review they, which program is best to use to try and review the contents ?

Thanks for looking and any help/advice


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Re: WTF: Where has the config gone

Let me get this straight...  Are you saying that all these Brocade FC switches are daisy chained together in one long serial chain?

1 --> 2 --> 3 --> 4 --> 5 --> 6

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Re: WTF: Where has the config gone

Yes so one big fabric, well not any more


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