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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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After upgrade to FOS 7.2.1a FTP is not allowed for supportsave on 6547 switch



I recently upgraded one of my fabrics to FOS 7.2.1a.

Fabric consists of DCX810 (master switch), two 5480 blade embedded switches in AG mode and two 6547 blade embedded switches (IBM Flex System FC5022) in AG mode. Before upgrade DCX8510 and 5480 were on FOS 7.1.1 while both 6547 were on FOS 7.0.0_pha4.

After upgrade when I wanted to collect supportsave from all switches I realised that on both 6547 switches FTP disappeared from supportsave menu. Only scp|sftp options are available. On DCX8510 and 5480 switches FTP is available just as it was before the upgrade.


On supportsave cli command output on 6547 the following appeared:


Host IP or Host Name: xx.xx.xx.xx
User Name: user
Protocol (scp | sftp):


In the same time options for supportftp are:


:admin> supportftp -S
Host IP Addr:   xx.xx.xx.xx
User name:      user
Remote Dir:     tracedump/xxxxxxx
Auto Upload protocol:   ftp
Auto-FTP:       On


When I tried supportsave -c command (to collect supportsave with supportftp options) I get the following error:


:admin> supportsave -c
This command collects RASLOG, TRACE, supportShow, core file, FFDC data
and then transfer them to a FTP/SCP/SFTP server or a USB device.
This operation can take several minutes.
NOTE: supportSave will transfer existing trace dump file first, then
automatically generate and transfer latest one. There will be two trace dump
files transferred after this command.
OK to proceed? (yes, y, no, n): [no] y

FTP is not supported on this platform.
SupportSave failed.


In other hand i CAN make configupload USING ftp protocol:


:admin> configupload
Protocol (scp, ftp, sftp, local) [ftp]:
Server Name or IP Address [host]: xx.xx.xx.xx
User Name [user]: user
Path/Filename [<home dir>/config.txt]: /spool/test/tes.cfg
Section (all|chassis|switch [all]):

configUpload complete: All parameters which are applicable to AG are uploaded


Finally FTP is not supported for supportsave, but configupload uses FTP without any problem!!!


So in my opinion this is some kind of bug in this FOS for these 6547 switches. Does anybody hit this problem? Does anybody succeeded to found workaround? Any help or ideas will be appreciated.


I can still use sftp of course, but these fabrics are behind firewall and I have to fulfill a lot of papers for firewall requests to our security department.... bla bla bla.... just to collect supportsave from two switches!?!?!?!%$%#%


As DCX8510 and 6547 are bought from IBM I have to use IBM approved versions of FOS and 7.2.1a is latest there. So I cannot go further in FOS versions for the moment.


Thank you in advance for any opinions or suggestions :-)

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