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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Administrator password

Hi I have a McData 4400 that we have lost the passwords for.

I have reset the switch (by holding the reset button for three seconds) but have had difficulty accessing via the Maintenance Port.  I have been able to bring up the logon prompts via the Web interface on IP  However when I attempt to logon using the default username and password (Administrator/password)  I always get the following error: Authorization Failure. Access to this Page is Denied.  This object is protected.

could there be something more seriously wrong with the switch?


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Re: Administrator password

I have post here in the community at several time password reset procedure.

see some other Threads to do that.

Note: pwd recovery reset remove all additional License if one is Installed.

you need after reset to insert the LIC key now.

If the Switch is under Maintenance Contract, open a Support Ticket whit Brocade.

Good Luck.

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Re: Administrator password


I've done everything that you advised in this post and while it appears to reset the ip address, I stil can't logon to the web gui.

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