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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Adding a New Zone to Zone Config ?

Hi All

I have Brocade 300 B.I am trying to add a new zone to my enabled configration.I have some douts about the procedure.

This is what iam planning to do please correct me if iam wrong

1.Create the New Zone

2.Add the New Zone to my Production config (it is the only zone config on my Switch)

3.Press enable config and select production config from the list

Is the above step correct is this going to disrupt my traffic any way ?

Thanks in advance

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Re: Adding a New Zone to Zone Config ?

This is the correct procedure. In general it is not disruptive to the current FC traffic.

Only changed communication relation chips will be informed and interrupt the traffic.

You can also use the cli with

1.) zonecreate "zonename","wwn1;wwn2"

2.) cfgadd "configname", "zonename"

3.) cfgenable "configname"

An cfgenable includes a cfgsave before the enable.

zonehelp is a useful command to display the zoning commands.

I hope this helps.


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