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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Add a switch on a fabric ?

Bonjour ,

How add a switch on a farm ? I want add a new switch like slave and not a master ?

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Re: Add a switch on a fabric ?

with the command fabricprincipal can you set the switch as principal or subordibnate.

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Re: Add a switch on a fabric ?

On the existing switches ensure that you have a principal switch set up ie. on the designated principal switch run the following on the switch command line:

fabricprincipal -f 1

(please note this will force reconfigure the fabric...)

That switch will be set as principal switch - if you already ran this on another switch you will however need to remove that setting off the other switch by establishing a connection to the switch through telnet or SSH and running the following on it before running the above command on your designated principal switch:

fabricprincipal 0

Once you have setup the principal switch you can look at adding the other switch. Before doing so you will need to ensure that the new switch has no zone configuration on it and you have preconfigured the required domain ID etc on the switch.  You can then ISL the switch to the existing switch fabric and it will copy down the zone configuration.  Run a fabricshow from the command line or open webtools to confirm you can see the correct principal switch and its subordinates etc.

If doing this for a redundant fabric do one at a time as per best practice guidelines and ensure you are happy with the first fabric prior to doing the same for the other fabric.


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