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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Add McData to Brocade Switches

Hi all,

Currently we have Brocade Switches on HP C7000 Chassis with 6.4.1 firmware version. We have Production DB servers & SAN systems connected to it. We need to connect few more servers to this fabric environment, however we dont have enough ports. We have a set of McData 4400 series switches which we would like to add to the Brocade switches.

Brocade Switch has Domain ID 99, SwitchMode Native, Switch Role is Principal, InteropMode 0.

McData Switch Domain ID 1, there is an existing zone but I can re-create that if needed.

A step by step run down of the process will be highly appreciated. Please ask as many questions as possible, I will try to answer them as soon as possible.

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Re: Add McData to Brocade Switches

After scoring through various websites and documents, I came up with the following steps. Can someone verify and confirm please?

1. Backup Brocade / McData config

2. Confirm Domain ID & Zone names are different. (in my case there are no duplicates)

3. Brocade> switchshow (Verify Brocade is principal and native)

4. Brocade> portdisable portnumber (to block ports to be connected to McData 4400 switches)

5. McData>>Maintenance>"DeActivate" (to bring the switch offline - this disconnects all fiber connections)

6. McData>>configure>ports>block (to block the port connected to Brocade switch)

7. Brocade> switchdisable

8. Brocade> zoneobjectcopy "Active Zone Name", "Zone Backup copy name"

9. Connect fiber between both switches.

10. Brocade> interopmode 3 (this clears Zone config and reboots the switch)

11. Brocade> zoneobjectcopy "Zone Backup Copy name", "Active Zone Name"

11. McData>>Configure>Switch>Fabric Parameters>Interop Mode "Open Fabric 1"

12. McData>>Change Port to E-Port

13. Brocade> portcfgeport

14. Brocade> portenable portnumber

15. McData>>configure>ports>unblock (to unblock the port connected to Brocade switch)

16. Re-create the zone on McDataSwitch

Cross your fingers and wish that both switches are available under one fabric. Please let me know if I missed something.

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Re: Add McData to Brocade Switches

So, I figured I will follow my steps to configure ISL between Brocade and McData. Has been troubleshooting for the past few hours. For some reason, as soon as I change my Brocade interopmode to 3, it does not allow me to configure zone at all. Doesn't matter if the ISL link as well as the McData switch is active or not.

Also, it picks the zone configuration from McData if the McData is connected with established ISL link. I am guessing, I have some feature enabled or disabled on Brocade which make is look for McData Zoning Configuration eventhough the switch is set to be principal.

Brocade Firmware Version is 6.4.1, McData Version is 09.09.09 2 if this matters.

Anybody has come across this situation before? Any help is appreciated.

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Re: Add McData to Brocade Switches


To use interopmode 3 in Brocade, the Mcdata switch needs to be in Mcdata Open Fabric mode. If they didn't segment, I assume that Mcdata is in this mode.

When you enable interopmode 3 (also happens with 2) you're not allowed to crate/modify zoning from the Brocade, you have to do all the work from the Mcdata; so the good news are that you're doing well. The bad news... that all the Brocade features are disabled.

If you want to keep this environment, you will have to re-create the zoning in the Mcdata and perform any new zoning modification from this switch.


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Re: Add McData to Brocade Switches

--->>> 10. Brocade> interopmode 3 (this clears Zone config and reboots the switch)

interopmode 3 in such case is the wrong mode, correct must be IM2

details about "interopmode" refer the CLI guide.


McDATA Open Fabric Mode (IM3) - Brocade switches in IM3 are interoperable with McDATA
switches in IM3. IM3 is supported on all platforms that support McDATA Fabric Mode (IM2).
Open Fabric Mode is intended specifically for adding Fabric OS-based products into M-EOS
fabrics that are already using McDATA Open Fabric Mode. Fabrics comprised of only Fabric OS
switches in McDATA Open Fabric Mode are not supported and cannot be zoned. All zoning of a
mixed M-EOS and Fabric OS fabric operating in McDATA Open Fabric Mode is performed
through the M-EOS switches.


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