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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Active Zone configuration does not match SAN ini the zone DB

I am having a problem using DCFM (10.4.5) when managing the zone config for a fabric of 3 4900 switches (branded as HP Storageworks 4/64).  I have a total of 191 zones, and i have tried to amend some existing zones and also add a few more.  When trying to make the new zones active they are added to the zone configuration (SAN2) and this zone is activated.  I get a message saying "Successfully activated zone configuration SAN2". However the message in active zone configuration it still says the "active zone configuration does not match".  If i check the active configuration tab true enough the changes are not showing.

I have confirmed the changes have not taken as the wwn of the new servers I added are not visible to the storage array (HP EVA).

I notice that in the DCFM that the changes I have tried to make show as status Not Active. 

There are no errors in the DCFM just a successfully activated the zone configuration.

Can anyone assist; are there any CLI commands to validate the differences between the zone DB and the active zone configuration?


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Re: Active Zone configuration does not match SAN ini the zone DB

You can execute the followin commands in order to check the zoneset status in the fabric: cfgshow, cfgactvshow.

Also, in the zoning GUI you can use the 'compare' option to check the differences.

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