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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Access gateway issue


I have a blade server connecting to SAN via virtual connect (acting as Access gateway). And this access gateway are discover in DCFM for management.

My question is - I see server ports connected to AG ports are online and traffic is flowing through it. But the AG ports where the servers are internally connected are persistently disabled in DCFM. How the device can login and data flow is possible when the AG port is persistently disabled ? I am a SAN guy, hence i used to view AG via DCFM.

Have anyone faced this kind of issue ?



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Re: Access gateway issue

Hi, the VC is not just an AG. Are the servers online?

You need to log on to the VC via the Onboard Administrator and create profiles, assign them to ports and more for the servers to get connected to the SAN.

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Re: Access gateway issue

Actually I would like to express that an VC is not an AG at all.

AG is a term/configuration-type when a Brocade switch is not running in switch mode.

In AG mode the switch disable Key Fabric services and acts as a port aggregator , with some management option for failover and such.

A Virtual Connect module is built by Qlogic, sold by HP.

A VC doesn't and cannot run the Key Fabric services needed as a switch.

It can do stuff for failover, connect to multiple fabric and as such offers similair features as an Brocade switch in AG mode.

In the end its not an AG and therefor DCFM cannot manage it as an AG.

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Re: Access gateway issue

Hi Dion

That's not necessarily true for the VC FC module. Those modules are based on the same hw as the embedded Brocade switch you can get for a C7000 enclosure. What it differentiate from the embedded switches is only the HP modified FOS running on top of it. This modified version is based on FOS 6.1.0 (with some enhancements). And they are acting like AG which as it is showed in the DCFM correctly.

Unfortunately they are getting automatically discovered by DCFM or BNA (Brocade Network Advisor). The modification done by HP cause that you only can manage the VC FC modules over the VC modules (ethernet).

So at the moment the only workaround is to just ignore them in DCFM and hope that this auto discovery will be disabled in the near future...



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