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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Access gateway - connection directly to storage array

Hi All,

I have a Dell M1000 bladecenter with 2 x 4424 FC IO modules licensed for access gateway mode only.

I want to be able to connect a single blade directly to a fibre storage array (HP P2000) which is connected to the external fibre ports on the back of the module.

Regardless of which modes I select for the internal or external ports, they wont come up. If the external port is set to an N port, the log shows "Host port should not be connected to port 17 which is configured as an N_Port"

If I set it to "Allow as F,U Port" then it just stays disabled.

Is this setup even possible with access gateway mode, or will I have to upgrade it to a full switch license?

Many thanks

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Re: Access gateway - connection directly to storage array

Access Gateway utilizes NPIV technology which relies on Fabric Name Server thus FC fabric is required.

You cannot connect Access Gateway uplink ports directly to an end device (such as storage array or tape drive).

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