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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Access gateway Vs Switch NPIV - Suggestion required.

Hi All,,

I have to implement a SAN fabric with below devices

Servers : HP Blade servers, DL servers (More than 150 servers - physical + virtual)

Switches : Brocade 5100 / 5300 (2 or 3 switches in each fabric)

Storage : EVA

Someone brainstormed me to use Access gateway, so that number of  FC switches and other resources (Cabling/SFP) can be drastically reduced.

Please suggest best practices. My questions are

1)Both server and switches are NPIV capable. If i am using NPIV for all BL servers, obviously i require less switch / port /cabling in each fabric. So why should i use a separate switch in AG mode which provide the same functionality? What is the advantage / disadvantage of using AG switch in my environment?

2)I read some where that blade server supports 255 virtual machines on it. Is it implies all virtual machines created have unique wwpn (inherited from the physical HBA in mezzanine slot).

3)Is it possible to connect BL and DL servers in same AG switch?

For example :

Lets say i am having 100 blade servers (10 BL servers in each 10 c7k enclosure).

2 VC module per enclosure - 4 uplink ports in each module.

Total external server ports = 10 * 2 *4 = 80 in both the fabrics.

I require only 40 host ports/fabric if i use NPIV capable switch. How AG further reduce this ??

Please help if my understanding is wrong..



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Re: Access gateway Vs Switch NPIV - Suggestion required.

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