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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Access Gateways with F-port trunking

Hi there

I have a san enviroment with FOS v6.3.1b and HP C-Clas enclosures with brocade switchs configured as access gateways with FOS v6.2.2b.

I have enabled the F-port trunking and sinds then having problems with Linux 5.3 hosts loop up/loop down and scsi reset messages.

Have somebody seen this before?


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Re: Access Gateways with F-port trunking


You may have  to upgrade the Driver and FW version of the LINUX Host and take suggestions from the vendor.Pls find the compatibility matrix, which may help you. If it helped pls make the thread correct.

always check the compatibility matrix of Storages and FOSs before connecting any hosts to SAN.

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