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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Access Gateway Switch

Hi Folks,


Need your expertise on how to enable HTTPS on AG switches.


I have Brocade FC blade switch M5424 with Dell chassis. I wanted to enable HTTPS on those AG switches and tried with below command.


FCM5424:admin> seccertutil 

Error: This command is not supported in AG mode


These AG switches are on firmware V7.0.1 and am not sure if that supports or any other command usage on AG switch.Contacted Brocade and they advised me to check with Dell and they told on this version that commnd should work.


Please let me know what might be the issue if you have crossed this scenario.


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Re: Access Gateway Switch

Both Dell, and Brocade documentation do not show support for HTTPS protocol on the M5425. See below:


It would appear that secure socket is not avail in that version of FOS.


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Re: Access Gateway Switch

Thank for the reply. But i did find some information that if i upgrade the firmware seccertutil commands will work.


I am not sure though so please let me know if that make sense.





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