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Access Enumeration and StorageX

Has anyone used Access Enumeration with StorageX? We use it on our File Server to hide directories that users do NOT have rights to. When accessed through the DFS root however, ALL directories show - this can be in the hundreds of directories when the user only has access to 4 of them. Any help would be apreciated.


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Re: Access Enumeration and StorageX

MS has an article up on it here:;en-us;907458

In a nutshell, you need to turn on ABE for the DFS Root as well as the shares themselves...

Then use CACLS or a similar tool to set the security on the DFS links (i.e. the physical folders that store the reparse data)

ABE works outside of StorageX -- I haven't tested if it preserves security when you set an availability policy yet, but once I do test I can update if required.

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