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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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AMS 2500 fos problem


I've seem to be experienting an issue (bug?) with a brocade 7800 switch (Hitachi AMS2500).

I've configured a fciptunnel for remote replication, ans I was trying to enable a higher value fior the "keep-alive" timeout:

>admin:>portcfg fcipcircuit 16 modify 0 -k 20000

Which seem to work, but when i display the port/circuit config afterward, nothign have changed.

>admin> portshow fciptunnel 16 -c | grep Keepalive
      Keepalive Timeout: 10000

Is there something I'm missing ? My replication is failing daily because of time-out...

Thanks for any help/pointers.

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Re: AMS 2500 fos problem

Hi -

I've been using fcipcircuits between 7800s for months with default Keepalive value without any issue. Don't you think you should address timeout issues on your WAN instead of trying to bypass them  ?

I would first configure a tunnel in Tperf mode to see what's wrong with FCIP links, that makes AMS replication fail.

Kind regards,



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Re: AMS 2500 fos problem

Hello david,

I guess you are right

For some reason, whenever we publish a new VLAN on the network, the keepalive timeout are triggered.

I'm pretty sure the latency never reach 10,000ms (the default).

Thanks for the tperf tip...

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